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Pick your meat, pick your cheese, pick your smalls. Dig in!
All cheese served with guava jelly, all meats served with green tomato chutney, both served with delicious bread.


2 :: $21 3 :: $29 4 :: $37 

White Mould 

Brillat Savarin (FRA) 

Decadent, triple cream, artisan.

Mon Pere Brie (FRA) 

Soft & creamy, mushrooms & melted butter.

Le Marquis Brie de Rambouillet (FRA) 

Farmhouse, pungent, barnyard flavours.


Cropwell Bishop Stilton (ENG) 

Moist & creamy, sharp, buttered, fruity finish

Onetik Bleu Des Basque (FRA) 

Ewe’s milk, slightly floral aftertaste, salty Roquefort mould.

Tarago River Blue Orchid (VIC) 

Sweet, spicy & pungent, loose crumbed texture.

Washed Rind 

Mountain Man (VIC) 

Slightly pungent, round & complex taste, handmade.

Le Petit Rouge (VIC) 

100% handmade, soft & creamy w/ strong aroma & tastes

Woombye Blackall (QLD) 

Delicate, lightly textured, subtle flavouring.


Marcel Petit Comte Aop (FRA) 

Concentrated nutty texture, sweet honey flavouring, mountain cheese.

Perenz Montasio (ITA) 

Crumbly texture, sweet aromatic flavours, think dried fruits & nuts.

Cornish Kern (ENG) 

Dense fudge texture, buttery & caramel flavours, salty finish


2 :: $21 3 :: $28 4 :: $35 

Prosciutto San Daniele 

Aged 20 months, aromatic, sweet & rich.

Jamon Serano 

Deep nutty flavours, lean, bitey.


Soft, creamy, peppered ITA style sausage.

Salame Picante 

(w/ chili) 

Firm, rich, peppered sausage, hot.


Skinless, rustic style salami.


Spicy, spreadable pork salami.


Cured loin, lean & mild.


Salt cured, aged, rich.

All of our meats are proudly Australian. 

Small Shares


Traditional french fries dusted in smoked salt. (V/GF) add $5 and get them loaded w/ cheese, bacon & gravy. Sml 7 Lrg 11 

Polenta truffle fries 

Creamy polenta, fried and burried in parmesan cheese.  (V/GF) 7. 

Mac n cheese balls 

Classic Americana styled snack. Served with jalapeño dip.  (V) 12 

Cheeseburger Spring rolls 

Authentic NY cheese burgers dressed up as spring rolls, served with ketchup. 18 


Mixed olives 

             A mix of Australian & Spanish olives finished w small pickled chillis. 7 

Veggie nachos 

Trad corn chips covered in melted cheese topped off with pico de gallo, smashed avo, jalapeños & sour cream. (V/GF) 18 

Duck pancakes 

Freshly rolled traditional style Peking duck pancakes. 15 

Hot & numb squid 

Flash fried squid tossed in salt and numbing szechuan pepper. With cooling citrus. 18 


Please note hot food is only available 5 – 10pm, whereas charcuterie and cheese is available until last drinks.


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